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LONDON Design Festival
ARVenture Studio

This is our honor to join the London design festival 2021 and having a showcase in Makerversity. Welcome to visit us from 18-26 September 2021. Somerset House, Strand, West Goods, London.

Client  : N/A

Media : N/A

Date: 16 September  2021


SmarTuk Landed in Euro
ARVenture Studio

Our studio creation SmarTuk, a full electric modularized TukTuk design is successfully done. The product handovered to The Netherlands
organization and running in the Amsterdam road.

Client  : N/A

Media : N/A

Date: 26 APRIL 2021


SmarTuk Prototyping

ARVenture Studio

Our studio creation SmarTuk , a full electric modularized TukTuk is in prototyping. Everything is on track, the working prototype will be released by November 2020 and will keep updating our news in the below link.

Client  : N/A

Media : N/A

Date: 6 APR 2020


Wings of Christmas


Supporting our client Nicholas .C finished an amazing outdoor Christmas lighting installation in Lee Tung Avenue called "Feathered Ascent ".

Client  : Nicholas Cheung Studio

Media : ulifestyle

Date: 20 Nov 2019


Domus Magazine Report


Domus Magazine reported our project SmarTuk as title below :

The SmarTuk concept wants to foster an electric and connected future for the street vendors of the South-East Asian country.

Client  : N/A

Media : domus

Date: 10 April 2019

Thai news.jpg

Thai TV News Interview

BEC World 

This is lucky enough ARVenture STUDIO 's SmarTuk 've got an offical interview from Thailand BEC TV broadcast news channel 3

Client  : N/A

Media : BEC World

Date: 1 March 2019


Interview from AXIS Japan

このプロジェクトの目標は、手頃な価格のモジュール式EV 三輪自動車(TukTuk)を設計・供給して、低収入のカンボジアの人々を助け、食料や商品の移動販売をより簡単にすること、屋台での販売を楽しく目を引くものにして、地元の人々の生活を向上させることだ。

Client  : N/A

Media : Axis 

Date: 1 March 2019

Thai TV2.jpg

Thai TV News Interview

Thailand Nation TV

ARVenture STUDIO 's SmarTuk got an offical interview from Thailand Nation TV broadcast news. 

Client  : N/A

Media : Thailand Nation TV

Date: 1 March 2019

Thai new3.jpg

ARV in Thai TV Prog.

BEC Channel 3

Introdued by the Thai BEC channel 3 TV progamme " Adam's Story " ARVenture Studio's works SmarTuk in showcase .

Client  : N/A

Media : Thailand Nation TV

Date: 1 March 2019


Client Successful case


Our client Zunosaki got a big success for their product Smart Robotic Glove System, this is  honored to support and finish up the Industrial design, ergonomics and engineering development part.

Client  : Zunosaki

Media : Hong Kong I-Cable news

Date: 1 March 2019


Client Successful case

MedExo Robotics

Our client Medexo Robotics their product Parkinson laser guide box unveiled in the Chinsese innovation maker show "智造將來" .

Client : Medexo Robotic

Media : Zhejiang Television

Date: 6 April 2019

TVB new Sit and Shower.jpg

Client Successful case


Our client Sit&Shower their product auto shower machine successfully got a breakthrough product to exist in the aging 

product market.

Client  : Sit&Shower

Media : Television Broadcasts Limited

Date: 1 March 2019


Honor Awarded

Smart Living Challenge 2014

This is our studio conceptual project Citi.Transmitter honored from Swedish Insitute, Smart Living Challenge Winner in the move category.

Client  : N/A

Institute  : Swedish Institute 

Date: 16 December 2014

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