Make street vending a pleasurable and measurable to improve the life of the locals” is the mission of this project.


To design and provide an affordable modular EV TukTuk, to help the Cambodian with low income and to better facilitate the act of mobile selling of foods and goods.


By incorporating tracking device communicating with a mobile app, our project could provide location of nearby street vendors for the masses, it will also help regulate the current unregulated street vendors in South East Asia.


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Project  Vision

To grow this company at a healthy rate and expand into other country which might need this business model for their city and their people.

Project  Mission

Through IoT and big data gather form the vehicle, we hope to be able to improve the lives of the needed, at the same time create a better environment where this project is deployed.

The Road Map

Our working prototype will be road ready  by Fall 2020. Full production and implementation by Q3 2021.

The modular design also allows vendors to adapt the smartuk to their specific needs simply by changing the rear half. its uses are many and range from a mobile cafe, to a grocery cart, or just as a vehicle used for the transportation of goods. because it runs entirely on electric power, this electric tuk tuk promises to be efficient and affordable to maintain and operate.

The Modular Design

• It has a modular loading bay for selling different types of goods.

• Improved water resistance as flooding is common in south east asia.

• Customer can order or  locate a specific types of good anytime .

• GPS radio so the vehicle could be tracked real time.

• Security box features.

Our Team

Andy Lee



Industrial Design,

Business development

Ray Suk


engineering &


Vincent .C



Industrial  Design,

Product development

KaWai ,Ng


Industrial  Design,







SmarTuk team formed by different professional categories team members.

Featured Media

このプロジェクトの目標は、手頃な価格のモジュール式EV 三輪自動車(TukTuk)を設計・供給して、低収入のカンボジアの人々を助け、食料や商品の移動販売をより簡単にすること、屋台での販売を楽しく目を引くものにして、地元の人々の生活を向上させることだ。

Électrifier le véhicule le plus populaire, et c’est tout le pays qui s’arrête de tousser.Le Cambodge est en plein expansion urbaine. Ce qui a pour effet de raser des forêts et d’accentuer les transports individuels car les bus manquent cruellement. En 2016, le pays comptait 3,2 millions de véhicules motorisés soit 14% de plus que l’année précédente.

Tuk-tuks are a staple of South-East Asian streets. The three-wheeled vehicle are noisy, way faster than it would be safe (and mostly legal) for them to be, and a legitimate tourist attraction in itself. But what could they look like in the future?

Designed by vincent chan and andy lee, smartuk is an all-electric, modular version of this automotive curiosity aiming to make street vending a pleasurable measure for vendors and buyers in cambodia.

ถสามล้อเป็นพาหนะที่พบเห็นในเอเชียและแอฟริกามากกว่าในประเทศตะวันตก มีทั้งแบบใช้แรงคนถีบและใช้ขับเคลื่อนด้วยเชื้อเพลิงที่เรียกว่าตุ๊ก ตุ๊ก และกัมพูชากำลังจะล้ำไปอีกขั้น ด้วยรถตุ๊ก ตุ๊กอัจฉริยะที่ใช้พลังงานไฟฟ้า และไม่ก่อมลภาวะในอากาศ ในขณะที่รถยนต์ทั่วไปกำลังหันมาใช้


Designed for the streets of Cambodia, Vincent Chan’s SmarTuk concept aims to provide a low-cost, modular solution for individuals selling foods and goods.

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