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3D CAD experience


Experience excellent visual technology with the ViewReal 3D CAD TOUCH, a top-notch 3D CAD projector

tailored for meetings, presentations, and engineeringCAD applications. 


This state-of-the-art device sets new standards for projection technology, offering a range of advanced features like the groundbreaking Air Touch interface and exceptional image quality that make your presentations come alive.

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The Design

Designed to serve a wide range of audiences, whether they are clients, colleagues, or 
stakeholders, The ViewReal 3D CAD TOUCH excels in its 3D image projectioncapabilities and boasts a

modern, sleek product design.

Don't miss the chance to enhance your visual experience today with the 3D CAD TOUCH–

where innovation meets elegance.


The ViewReal 3D CAD TOUCH is designed to serve a wide range of audiences, offering exceptional 3D image projection capabilities and a groundbreaking Air Touch interface.


Interactive hologram presenation

The CAD Touch is a state-of-the-art interactive hologram presentation tool that is tailored for use in business and office settings. It is specifically designed to showcase CAD files with exceptional image quality and advanced features like the groundbreaking Air Touch interface.


"Maximize your commercial success with our POS showcase! Our solution is designed to help you showcase your products in the most effective way possible, driving increased sales and boosting your bottom line. Don't wait, see the power of our POS showcase in action today!"


Discover an educational application that revolutionizes the way students learn. Our design is designed to enhance the learning experience for students of all levels. Try it today and unlock your academic potential! 

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* Please note that the product does not come with a laptop device included.

Specification :

Operating system:        Microsoft  Windows
Power consumption:    3.75W
Dimensions:                  W260mm×H220mm×D150mm
Interaction:                    Input 5.5 inch &  air touch screen
Interface Input:              Air image USB 2.0 HDMI
Power input:                  USB 2.0
Display size:                  5.5 in”

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